Thursday, April 8, 2010

At the Mercy of Anxiety? Check Your BP (blood pressure)!

Do you find yourself feeling light-headed and out of breath during crunch time? Whether you're trying to beat a work deadline or running at the speed of light just so you could make it to the office in time, the effects such circumstances would have on your mental and physical system are the same: the onset of anxiety triggering a spike in your blood pressure. Even if you have no hypertension and are healthy throughout, fact has it that you too could experience a sudden, dramatic BP increase once anxiety sets in.

Although physically uncomfortable, these temporary BP spikes have no serious physical damage. As it is, it is not confirmed that anxiety directly causes hypertension. However, should the aforementioned episodes escalate to the point that you experience them more frequently or every day, then a lifestyle change coupled with a visit to your doctor are in order. Just like chronic hypertension, regularly experiencing a surge in your BP due to anxiety is as detrimental to your kidneys, heart, and blood vessels. Besides, since anxiety could prompt you to turn to unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, and overeating; you also run the risk of acquiring hypertension later on.

Contributed By: Maris Modesto

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