Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to Deal with that Bunion Ouch!

Shoes play a significant role in our wardrobe. Without them our look would never be complete. Functioning as a necessary tool for both protecting and beautifying our feet, hardly any of us would ever want to be seen walking around barefooted. For ladies, most especially, shoes contribute greatly to their overall physical appeal. Wearing those pointed stilettos does not only add inches to their original heights, but it also gives them that sexy allure. However, despite the glamorously sexy appeal these stilettos may lend its users, they could also pose danger not just because they are trip and slip-prone, but also because they can cause those ugly painful nodules called bunions to form on our feet.

Hallux valgus, more commonly known as bunions, are those uncomfortable (not to mention unsightly) deformed structural protrusions located in the middle of our foot and big toe. Having a bunion may cause our big toe to slant and lean toward our second toe. Moreover, the surrounding tissues are liable to become swollen and tender. More often than not, bunions are due to a mechanical deformity in the foot structure, which is primarily hereditary in nature. However, narrow-toed, high-heeled, and improperly fitted shoes are also known to cause them. Hence, it is no wonder more women than men are reported to suffer from them.

Several suggested treatments are known to address the problem of bunions. Bunion pain relief, on the other hand, can be resolved using other measures aside from surgery. Here are some techniques that might help provide even a little bit of comfort.

* Avoid wearing those pointed, tight shoes that crowd your toes. The same thing goes for those high heeled-shoes or stilettos that force all your toes to your shoes' front. Opt for low-heeled and rounded or square toed shoes that allow more room for your toes to breathe and does not apply pressure to them.

*If you do not want to buy new shoes, try stretching them instead. This is necessary to provide more room for your toes.

*Provide support for your foot arches by using shoe inserts, which are intended to diminish pain and prevent your feet from leaning inwards.

*Use a pad to cushion the bunion. However, this would only work for mild cases. Moderate to severe bunions may worsen if you use a pad because it tends to crowd them even more.

*Ice can be used as a bunion pain relief. It can lessen the pain's intensity. You can apply ice on your bunion many times during the day.

*Over-the-counter pain relievers can be used to manage bunion pain.

*Physical therapy can work, too. Whirlpool baths and ultrasound therapy are known to be effective in easing bunion pain.

*Surgery can be done to relieve you of bunion pain. However, do not jump to this without consulting your doctor seriously first. This should be the last resort. On the whole, it is not a necessitated procedure, unless the bunion already gets in the way of your living your usual life.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Using Self-hypnosis to Relieve Pain

One of the known methods that has been proven to work effectively as a natural pain relief is self-hypnosis. Although experts have confirmed that all forms of hypnosis are self-hypnosis in themselves, it is often described as the process of using hypnosis on oneself without the assistance of a hypnotherapist. In spite of its convenience and probability, it takes time before you perfect the methods of hypnotizing yourself on your own accord.

Self-hypnosis requires patience, determination, and a willingness to allow oneself to be thoroughly subjected to the process. Yet, as always, practice makes perfect. With time, your sincere effort and persistence would yield desirable results. However, you have to keep in mind that hypnosis is possible only if you believe that it would work on you. Otherwise, do not expect positive results.

Prior to practicing hypnosis for pain relief, you are required to get a confirmation from your doctor about the cause and nature of your pain, in order to ensure that proper treatment is applied to any conspicuous origin. It is best to work on your pain when it is still in the moderate stage. Although there would be instances wherein you would want to use self-hypnosis when your pain is at its most intense, be reminded that this could be a real challenge.

Kindly proceed.

1. Allow yourself to enter the hypnotic state by closing your eyes.

2. Determine the level of your pain by imagining a dial with the numbers 1-10 indicated on its surface. The numbers indicate the varying levels of pain with one as the lowest and ten as the highest. Imagine yourself turning that dial to the specific number representing the level of your pain as of the moment.

3. Now imagine a tunnel. This tunnel is a visual representation of your pain. Enter the tunnel. As you move forward, imagine your pain increasing. Let this show on the dial by turning it to the direction of the numbers leading to 10.

4. You have equal capacity in increasing the level of your pain as well as decreasing it. Imagine seeing a small circle of light at the end of the tunnel. See yourself proceeding toward the direction of that light. As you get closer, your pain decreases, increasing your comfort. Imagine your comfort level being reflected on the dial, too.

5. Imagine the light getting bigger as you get nearer. As you proceed, you are starting to feel more comfortable because the pain is gradually decreasing.

6. The length of the tunnel is in your discretion, depending on your pain level at the moment. While you continue to progress toward the light, your pain ebbs. This is also reflected in the dial as it turns toward the direction of one—the lowest level.

7. The minute your pain has decreased to a comfortable level of either three or two, you can already imagine yourself exiting the tunnel feeling more comfortable.

8. Explore the benefits of this positive feeling and imbibe it. Let yourself revel in this comfortable state before you decide to open your eyes.

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Natural Pain Remedies for Common Causes

Each one of us has a unique perception of pain. Whether it be of a physical or emotional nature, the way we see its possible effect on us varies in accordance to our personality and tolerance for it. However, one thing is true for all of us: We all experience pain. At one time or another, each one of us is bound to experience a kind of injury or stimulus that would bring about an onslaught of pain. That is why, since time immemorial, science has been preoccupied with the search for medications or methods that would provide a permanent cure to address the many causes of our pain.

However, regardless of how we see pain, we cannot deny the fact that it plays an important role in our lives. It serves as our body's way of signaling that something has gone wrong and needs to be attended to right away. As uncomfortable as they could be, we should even be grateful for their presence, for they help us become more aware of ourselves emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Without them, we would have run straight into the source of danger, helpless and left with no other choice but to accept the inevitable.

Nowadays, there is a multitude of pain relief products available on the market intended to ease almost every kind of pain there is. However, if we are currently pinching pennies and are in search of natural ways sans the side effects, easing pain with the use of herbs, other natural materials, and various practices may just be the solutions we're looking for.


One way of dealing with the pain is through the chiropractic method. This practice involves realigning the spinal column in order that the nervous system would regain its normal function, which in turn promotes the natural healing of our body.

Employing the relaxation method also works. Take your pick from the following: meditation, yoga, guided visualization, and deep breathing exercises. These methods ease pain by helping us release tension.

Try using bromelain. The latter is an enzyme contained in pineapple. It has the capacity to break down protein in our blood, which decreases the capacity of inflammation to produce pain. It has no known side effects. When in pain, take 200 to 400 mg of bromelain within the day.

Boswelia could more efficient in reducing inflammation than over-the-counter drug ibuprofen. A popular herb in Indian Ayurveda medicine, its acid content appears to have the capacity to ward off an enzyme capable of producing inflammation chemical.

The compounds contained in the chasteberry fruit seems to have the capacity to raise the level of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter capable of managing the prolactin hormone. Irritable mood, breast soreness, and painful menstruation are all caused by increased prolactin.

Peppermint is one of the commonly used treatments for stomachache and gas during the olden days. It is known to possess properties capable of relaxing the digestive tract as well as our muscles.

Ginger is beneficial in relieving nausea.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Things You Should Know About Migraine Headache

At first, it begins as a dull, tiny throbbing pain in the temples. Dizziness steps in. As the pain escalates, sensitivity of the senses heightens unfavorably, aggravating the pain further. It would not be long before vision blurs and the presence of light becomes a burden. The slightest sound seems to be amplified, and the tiniest whiff of odor is enough to become a major psychological irritant. All these combined, piles up, forming a thick layer of pain that seems to bore through the skull with every passing second...

What is migraine?

Anyone who has experienced a migraine attack would know how it is like to have one's world stop temporarily due to a debilitating pain that could not be dismissed too easily. A neurological syndrome, migraine is described by these syndromes: severe headache, nausea, and changes in physical experiences. Usually, an episode would affect one side of the head with a distinctive throbbing sensation. This could take place anywhere between four hours up to 72 hours, which is equivalent to three days. Hence, it has been one of the major reasons for absenteeism and withdrawal from usual activities. At present, the exact reason for the occurrence of migraine has yet to be determined, but theory has it that it could be due to a malfunction in the release of serotonin in our brain. This occurs when the level of serotonin decreases during a headache. Researchers explained that the pain could probably be due to the trigeminal nerve that releases neuropeptides when the serotonin level falls. These neuropeptides then go to the meninges, the exterior cover of the brain. When this happens, the blood vessels are enlarged and become inflamed, leading to a headache.

What triggers migraine?

Migraine pain relief now comes in an array of specially formulated remedies. Moreover, other pain relievers created for other kinds of pain could also ease the pain. At times, when taken during its initial onset, these could even prevent the actual occurrence of migraine. However, apart from the treatment used to address migraine, another way to prevent migraine would be through avoiding its triggers.


Changes in Hormone

For women, a decrease in their estrogen level could result to a migraine attack. Those who typically experience migraines have this either prior to or during their menstruation period, which are the times when their estrogen level goes down. On top of this, taking contraceptives and other hormonal drugs can aggravate migraine.



For some individuals, specific kinds of food set off migraine attacks. Included in these food triggers are: alcohol, aged cheeses, pickled and/or marinated food, chocolate, aspartame, excessive caffeine, processed/canned food, some seasonings, and monosodium glutamate. In some cases, fasting and/or skipping meals can set off migraine.



Some drugs are known to set off migraine.


Environmental Changes

Changes in the environment such as the weather, altitude, timezone, and barometric pressure can trigger a migraine episode.


Physically Related Factors

Physically strenuous activities can cause migraine.



Stressful situations can trigger migraine episodes. They are also known to occur after undergoing a stressful week which would then be followed by a period of relaxation.


Sensory Stimuli

Bright lights and certain odors can trigger migraine.

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Improve Your Health Through Good Sex

Recent research showed that a healthy and good sex life can do wonders to your health. This does not only give great joy and fire in your life, but it can actually improve your overall health condition, leading to life longevity.

So if you want to have a better way to improve your health, good sex should definitely be on your list of must dos. Start improving your health with a healthy and good dose of sex.

Below is a guide that can show you how sex can better or improve your health:


A healthy sexual life does not mean that you ought to have sex with your partner for as many times as possible. Sexual healing is basically achieved by means of undergoing a daily challenge of having an intimate and close relationship with your partner. Once this is achieved, it then results to a well-balanced healing systems and health.

Good sex is a perfect exercise to improve your cardiovascular health. Since it has been proven that cardiovascular exercises increase a person's heart health and rate, a daily dose of healthy sex can reduce your chances of having heart-related complications like heart diseases.

A healthy sex is not just about doing it everyday. You should focus on developing sexual intimacy with your partner and not on just the act and sake of doing it, for that is the only way you and your partner can achieve sexual contentment. Also, having sexual contentment also lessens your susceptibility in acquiring severe migraine headache and chronic arthritis.

Focus on developing close and lasting personal relationships as well as learn to cherish them. Studies show that your thoughts, feelings, immune system, brain, and genital system interact and can actually affect your overall health.

Sexual health is beyond physical satisfaction. Women are mostly the ones who understand this better. With this, it is very important to achieve quality sex than just focus on quantity. You can surely improve your health if your sex life focuses more on connection, openness, and bonding with your partner.

The points expounded above basically explain how good sex can lead to improved health. Now, to let you have a better understanding on the relation of satisfying sex to good health, read on for more facts below:


Good orgasms can relieve tension.

With all the stress from work and home responsibilities, it is possible that you'll get all stressed-out. By means of having a satisfying sex with your partner, all tensions in your body are relieved.


Good sex leads to better sleep.

Experts say that orgasms are natural tranquilizers, for the release of endorphins in the body is very calming and relaxing.


Orgasms calm your cravings for cigarettes and junk foods.

As sexual stimulation takes place, the phenetylamine production activates, thus, regulating your appetite.


Good sex works as a natural pain management.

It is proven that pain in menstrual cramps and headaches is relived while having sex with your partner or masturbating. This is not just a mere psychological phenomenon, for the endorphins in the body are released from the body as you are having sex. A good dose of orgasm increases your tolerance to pain, but may vary, though, from one person to another.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Freeing Yourself from the Web of Depression

When depression takes hold of a man, no amount of masculine strength could shield him from the pain it brings. It would eat him up little by little until he no longer sees the point of living anymore. Seeking help right away would easily resolve matters. However, for a man, owning up to the fact that he is depressed could deal a serious blow to his male ego. Oftentimes, he just attempts to drown his sorrows through excessive drinking or substance abuse, a pathetic attempt to keep his mind off the pain. Despite the nagging feeling that there is something wrong with him, seeking medical attention would take a great deal of effort on his part. Treating depression with the use of psychotherapy and antidepressant prescription yields favorable results, but this is highly dependent on the patient's willingness to seek medical aid. If you are a man encumbered with depression and you know it, the best way to resolve your problem is by admitting it and resorting to proper medical measures to be given by a certified psychiatrist. Moreover, here are some important and helpful guidelines you must seriously take into consideration.
When things seriously go wrong and you start hurting, it would help to tell someone about it. Don't hold it all in, thinking that your silence would eventually make you forget everything in due time. Confide with a friend or anyone willing to lend a sympathetic ear.
Keep yourself preoccupied physically. Play your favorite sport. Do some laps in the pool. Regardless of what you decide to do, what is important is that you stay physically active. This can be helpful in boosting your mood, as physical activity is known to release endorphins in the body.
The gloominess saps your appetite. However, it is not a reason enough to deprive your body of the fuel it desperately needs: food. Eat regularly whether you feel like it or not, but do not overdo it. Pacifying your depression by eating too much is just as bad as dealing with through willful fasting.
Drowning your sadness in gallons of liquor or through several grams of cocaine or any other addictive substance is downright silly and cowardly, and will not help you at all. The euphoric feeling they might give you would only last briefly. Eventually, they would just drag you farther down in the funnel of depression.
Being unable to sleep is common with your condition. So, losing your temper because of it would do you no good at all. Instead of dwelling on your frustration, do something that may help you doze off, like listening to music or reading a good book.
If you are on edge all the time, help yourself relax by practicing relaxation techniques. Several tried-and-tested methods you can check out are exercises, yoga, aromatherapy, massage, etc.
Pleasure yourself by doing something you have always loved such as reading a book, watching movies, playing basketball, etc.
Go easy on yourself. People who are prone to depression tend to be the “perfectionist” type. Relax and try to set more reachable goals for yourself. It could also be that you are driving yourself too hard to the point of exhaustion, which eventually leads you to depression. Lighten your load and allot time for leisure and recreation.
Give yourself a break. Even a few hours each day would be enough to clear your thoughts.
Learn more about depression. This is a serious illness that has nothing to do with personal weakness. Arming yourself with substantial knowledge would keep you out of the dark and put some sense into your actions.
Depression is but another obstacle meant to sharpen you further. Like all trials and difficulties, depression is intended to make you stronger and become a better person. It may seem unlikely at this point, but in time you would come to realize its positive side.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Discussing Birth Control With Your Tennager

As your kid reaches the adolescent or teen stage, he or she becomes a lot more curious towards the changes in his or her body. This is also the period wherein he or she begins to show interest towards the opposite sex. Such changes are quite normal in a teenager. However, as a parent, it is very important that you give a 100 percent guidance to your teen, especially if he or she starts to ask questions or begins to be curious about sex and the use of birth control. Again, do not panic if your teen asks you questions about these matters. Some parents tend to get mad or uncomfortable when the discussions of sex and birth control arises. Don't be. Discussing the use of birth control doesn't really have to be a nightmare experience for you.

Below is a guide that can help you in discussing birth control options to your teenager:

  • Relax. Don't be mad.

It is very important for you to be calm and not panic if your teen suddenly asks you questions about sex or birth control. Just relax and be grateful that your teen chooses to turn to you for answers to his or her queries.

  • Explain clearly.

Clearly explain to your teen what birth control is and why this is needed. Do not forget to mention, though, that while most birth control methods are proven effective, the only 100 percent effective is abstinence.

  • Be very honest. Do not lie.

When explaining these matters to your teen, honesty on your part as a parent is very important. Nothing good will come out if you lie and leave out information behind. Also, it is best if you explain to your teen why you are nervous or uncomfortable in discussing sex and birth control pill, that is if you really are having a hard time talking about it with your teen.

  • Explain the consequences well.

Since the topic of birth control is a sensitive matter, explaining the consequences linked to the use and not using of birth control methods is very important. Discuss with your teen the chances of pregnancy if one is to have unprotected sex as well as the benefits and risks of using any form of birth control method.

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions.

As a parent, it is natural for you to be curious when your teen starts to ask questions about sex and birth control. Hence, do not be hesitant to ask your teen why he or she is sexually active or is considering to have sex some time in the future.

  • Explain the different kinds of birth control options and their benefits.

As you are probably aware by now, there are different kinds of birth control methods available today that can be used by people who are sexually active. Discuss these birth control categories and variations as well as their efficiency rates to your teen. Of course, do not forget to mention about the side effects of each birth control option for your teen to further understand.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On Curing Pornography Addiction

One of the most common forms of addiction related to sex is pornography addiction. Just like other kinds of addiction, pornography addiction can eventually lead to financial as well as legal complications. Such problems may involve one's personal relationships as well as depression.

Likewise with smoking or drug addiction, a pornography addict will do everything to satisfy his or her cravings with watching or reading pornographic materials. Most of the time, these attempts to satisfying their cravings are already exaggerated.

Although this kind of sexual addiction is quite common to young and adult people nowadays, pornography addiction is very much treatable. In fact, the very first step in curing this kind of addiction is by identifying its symptoms.

The following sexual health information is a quick guide on how to spot a pornography addict:

  • The best tool in identifying a pornographic addict is to be observant. Usually, an addict tends to miss himself or herself out from appointments, gatherings, or meetings that are important in his life such as spending time with family and friends. If he or she chooses pornography over his or her family and friends, then that person may be suffering from porn addiction.
  • Couples should watch out for sudden changes in their partner's sexual preferences. It is already an indication that one is having a tolerance to pornography if an unusual load of porn materials is used just to obtain high level of sexual excitement.
  • Problems with pornography addiction occurs it begins affecting the partner or the spouse. When the addict is dependent on his addiction to achieve sexual excitement or fulfillment, this can really cause serious problem with the other party. No one want to see his or her partner prefers masturbating instead of having sex with him or her or nobody wants to learn that his or her partner is thinking about pornographic scenarios while having sex.
  • A person who gets so addicted with pornography tends to loose his or her job as work resources are used for his or her porn viewing pleasure. Also, a porn addict has the tendency for bankruptcy as he or she spends way too much money on pornography.
  • Majority of pornography addicts are notorious for lying and making up stories just to cover his or her excessive use of pornographic materials. Usually, they lie about the resources and time they spend on this kind of sexual addiction.
Now that the common indicators of pornographic addiction are enumerated, the next move is to find a competent sex therapist who can help excessive porn enthusiasts from their addiction. The following are some tips in finding a sex addiction therapist:
  • Consult the family health physician. It is very important for a person to talk to his or her family physician about anything that can seriously affect his or her health. Since porn addiction can possibly lead to health problems, it is important for a porn addict to let a doctor know about his or her condition. Health physicians may also recommend a competent sex therapists that a person can consult with.
  • Research sex addiction therapists. In choosing a sex therapist, check out each candidate's credentials and backgrounds.
  • Check which clinic has the lowest fee. Insurance plans may cover the cost of consultation and therapy and some may not. Hence, better consider the fees offered by each prospect therapists and choose the one that has the most reasonable consultation fee.


One of the most common forms of addiction related to sex is pornography addiction. Just like other kinds of addiction, pornography addiction can eventually lead to financial as well as legal complications. In line with this, the article provides useful sexual health information on how to spot a pornography addict and how to find a reliable sex therapist.

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