Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eating Disorders and Your Personality

Lacking in confidence? Having trouble with being such a perfectionist? Although you may not notice it, some of your most distinguishing personality traits could determine your susceptibility to eating disorders. Studies have shown that people diagnosed with eating disorders share the same common denominator: specific self-defeating personality traits. Apart from these, however, having any of the identified personality disorders, possessed with specific distinctive negative traits, raises your chances of acquiring eating disorders. Below are the first two:

Avoidant Personality

Several studies have indicated that most anorexic patients have avoidant personalities due to their extreme fear of rejection. So sensitive are they to being criticized that the slightest off-hand remark suffices to strengthen their belief of their own inadequacy. The oversensitivity to failing of people with avoidant personality disorder is further elucidated by these traits: perfectionism; extreme
shyness; sexual and/or emotional inhibition; sensitivity to rejection; affinity with being “good”; and a fear of being criticized, ridiculed, and/or humiliated.

Narcissistic Personality

A personality disorder characterized by an extreme emphasis on one's importance, people falling under this category are prone to pacifying themselves. Their need for admiration from others explains why they are so sensitive to criticism and failure.

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