Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Maximize the Destressing Benefits of Relaxation Response

As you get started with your relaxation response practice, do it properly by observing these significant pointers:

  • Find time to do it.In starting out your relaxation response practice, it's imperative to find the right time that you have especially set aside for it. Depending on your schedule, see to it that once you have decided on the specific time, you would manage to keep it. Regularity requires sticking to a fixed schedule. This way, you are assured of fully absorbing the stress-relieving benefits of relaxation response into your system.
  • Never do it when you're feeling drowsy or lethargic. Since relaxation response activities are intended to relax you totally, they could make you sleepy. However, falling asleep would mean not being able to complete the exercise, hence, you miss out on getting the most from it. To prevent this, ascertain that the period you've chosen is nowhere near your bedtime or during those hours when you're likely to feel drowsy.
  • Practice the activity that you like best. There are many different activities promoting the benefits of relaxation response, and all of them are equally effective. It all boils down to selecting the one which appeals to you the most.
Contributed By: Maris Modesto

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