Thursday, October 23, 2008

Freeing Yourself from the Web of Depression

When depression takes hold of a man, no amount of masculine strength could shield him from the pain it brings. It would eat him up little by little until he no longer sees the point of living anymore. Seeking help right away would easily resolve matters. However, for a man, owning up to the fact that he is depressed could deal a serious blow to his male ego. Oftentimes, he just attempts to drown his sorrows through excessive drinking or substance abuse, a pathetic attempt to keep his mind off the pain. Despite the nagging feeling that there is something wrong with him, seeking medical attention would take a great deal of effort on his part. Treating depression with the use of psychotherapy and antidepressant prescription yields favorable results, but this is highly dependent on the patient's willingness to seek medical aid. If you are a man encumbered with depression and you know it, the best way to resolve your problem is by admitting it and resorting to proper medical measures to be given by a certified psychiatrist. Moreover, here are some important and helpful guidelines you must seriously take into consideration.
When things seriously go wrong and you start hurting, it would help to tell someone about it. Don't hold it all in, thinking that your silence would eventually make you forget everything in due time. Confide with a friend or anyone willing to lend a sympathetic ear.
Keep yourself preoccupied physically. Play your favorite sport. Do some laps in the pool. Regardless of what you decide to do, what is important is that you stay physically active. This can be helpful in boosting your mood, as physical activity is known to release endorphins in the body.
The gloominess saps your appetite. However, it is not a reason enough to deprive your body of the fuel it desperately needs: food. Eat regularly whether you feel like it or not, but do not overdo it. Pacifying your depression by eating too much is just as bad as dealing with through willful fasting.
Drowning your sadness in gallons of liquor or through several grams of cocaine or any other addictive substance is downright silly and cowardly, and will not help you at all. The euphoric feeling they might give you would only last briefly. Eventually, they would just drag you farther down in the funnel of depression.
Being unable to sleep is common with your condition. So, losing your temper because of it would do you no good at all. Instead of dwelling on your frustration, do something that may help you doze off, like listening to music or reading a good book.
If you are on edge all the time, help yourself relax by practicing relaxation techniques. Several tried-and-tested methods you can check out are exercises, yoga, aromatherapy, massage, etc.
Pleasure yourself by doing something you have always loved such as reading a book, watching movies, playing basketball, etc.
Go easy on yourself. People who are prone to depression tend to be the “perfectionist” type. Relax and try to set more reachable goals for yourself. It could also be that you are driving yourself too hard to the point of exhaustion, which eventually leads you to depression. Lighten your load and allot time for leisure and recreation.
Give yourself a break. Even a few hours each day would be enough to clear your thoughts.
Learn more about depression. This is a serious illness that has nothing to do with personal weakness. Arming yourself with substantial knowledge would keep you out of the dark and put some sense into your actions.
Depression is but another obstacle meant to sharpen you further. Like all trials and difficulties, depression is intended to make you stronger and become a better person. It may seem unlikely at this point, but in time you would come to realize its positive side.

Resource Box: Maricel Modesto is a writer and editor who writes for various health and lifestyle magazines.

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