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On Curing Pornography Addiction

One of the most common forms of addiction related to sex is pornography addiction. Just like other kinds of addiction, pornography addiction can eventually lead to financial as well as legal complications. Such problems may involve one's personal relationships as well as depression.

Likewise with smoking or drug addiction, a pornography addict will do everything to satisfy his or her cravings with watching or reading pornographic materials. Most of the time, these attempts to satisfying their cravings are already exaggerated.

Although this kind of sexual addiction is quite common to young and adult people nowadays, pornography addiction is very much treatable. In fact, the very first step in curing this kind of addiction is by identifying its symptoms.

The following sexual health information is a quick guide on how to spot a pornography addict:

  • The best tool in identifying a pornographic addict is to be observant. Usually, an addict tends to miss himself or herself out from appointments, gatherings, or meetings that are important in his life such as spending time with family and friends. If he or she chooses pornography over his or her family and friends, then that person may be suffering from porn addiction.
  • Couples should watch out for sudden changes in their partner's sexual preferences. It is already an indication that one is having a tolerance to pornography if an unusual load of porn materials is used just to obtain high level of sexual excitement.
  • Problems with pornography addiction occurs it begins affecting the partner or the spouse. When the addict is dependent on his addiction to achieve sexual excitement or fulfillment, this can really cause serious problem with the other party. No one want to see his or her partner prefers masturbating instead of having sex with him or her or nobody wants to learn that his or her partner is thinking about pornographic scenarios while having sex.
  • A person who gets so addicted with pornography tends to loose his or her job as work resources are used for his or her porn viewing pleasure. Also, a porn addict has the tendency for bankruptcy as he or she spends way too much money on pornography.
  • Majority of pornography addicts are notorious for lying and making up stories just to cover his or her excessive use of pornographic materials. Usually, they lie about the resources and time they spend on this kind of sexual addiction.
Now that the common indicators of pornographic addiction are enumerated, the next move is to find a competent sex therapist who can help excessive porn enthusiasts from their addiction. The following are some tips in finding a sex addiction therapist:
  • Consult the family health physician. It is very important for a person to talk to his or her family physician about anything that can seriously affect his or her health. Since porn addiction can possibly lead to health problems, it is important for a porn addict to let a doctor know about his or her condition. Health physicians may also recommend a competent sex therapists that a person can consult with.
  • Research sex addiction therapists. In choosing a sex therapist, check out each candidate's credentials and backgrounds.
  • Check which clinic has the lowest fee. Insurance plans may cover the cost of consultation and therapy and some may not. Hence, better consider the fees offered by each prospect therapists and choose the one that has the most reasonable consultation fee.


One of the most common forms of addiction related to sex is pornography addiction. Just like other kinds of addiction, pornography addiction can eventually lead to financial as well as legal complications. In line with this, the article provides useful sexual health information on how to spot a pornography addict and how to find a reliable sex therapist.

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