Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why Do People Get Holiday Blues?

Everybody is aware of the term holiday blues. In fact, it is quite a common experience, especially during the longest holiday of the year - the Christmas season - and is quite the contrary of what the holiday spirit's supposed to be.

Holiday blues come in different intensity. It can range from mild and short-term sadness, to serious clinical depression. Why do people get holiday blues, you might ask? Here are some of the common reasons:

1. Loneliness. This is commonly the case for people who are spending the holiday season away from family and friends. People who work overseas and cannot go home for the season often fall into deep thoughts of how their families and loved-ones are spending the holiday together while he's away.

2. Recollection of past holidays. For some people, memories of past holidays can greatly affect the mood of the current season. For people who are hitting a rough spot, a recollection of a past happy holiday can be very difficult to bear.

3. Failed tradition keeping. For people who are so used to spending their holidays the same way for as long as they could remember may feel a bit depressed if something changes in the way they celebrate the holidays.

4. Lost loved ones. We all know that holidays are best spent with families and friends. However, for people who have lost loved ones, the holidays can also serve as a reminder of the void the loss of their loved ones have made in their life.

5. Financial matters. The holidays are, undeniably, a time for gift-giving. Unfortunately there are people who cannot afford to spend money on such things. Worries of making enough to make ends meet or the ability (or inability) to give little tokens to loved ones can be saddening.

Although it is true that the holiday season is a time for fun and relaxation, parties and gatherings, you can't escape the reality that not all things can be forgotten - pain, responsibilities, bills, etc. But no matter how much worries of suffering you may be feeling, what matters is that you still keep your thoughts grounded and not go overboard to the point of developing clinical depression.

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