Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Defend Yourself Against the Effects of Second-Hand Smoke

No matter how health conscious you are, if you are exposed to the deadly fume that is second-hand smoke, then you are not exempted from its deadly effects. Smoking does not only threaten the health of smokers themselves, but also those people who inhale their smoke. For this reason, it is perfectly understandable why some non-smokers get miffed when people near them smoke.

Although they could sometimes come across as offensive in their approach when they reprimand or tell smokers about their discomfort, non-smokers actually have every right to do so, for their health is also endangered. On the part of smokers who still persist with their deadly habit, regardless of having been informed of the bad effects of smoking, they should learn to be considerate of others. Since we all thrive in the same atmosphere and smoking is air-borne, it is impossible for others not to inhale the harmful fumes they inhale and puff out.

Smoking bans in certain public places and even cities are especially helpful. This works for the good of everyone concerned whether they are smokers or non-smokers. But since this is not implemented in some locations, there is a possibility that we still would inhale second-hand smoke in other places. So if the smokers (who are often inconsiderate in their actions) would not be deterred from their habit even at the expense of others, it is up to non-smokers to do some serious moves to defend themselves against the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.

  • Impose a smoking ban within the premises of your own home. Do not provide ashtrays, so as not to encourage smoking. Aside from this, ask members of your family and visitors not to smoke while they are inside the house. Even if the windows are open, it does not provide enough ventilation to disperse or move the harmful fumes out of your home. Using your air conditioner would not do much either. It could clear the smoke, but it literally has no effect or whatsoever in obliterating the deadly particles or keep the from circulating in your home's atmosphere.

  • Push for the enforcement of a smoking ban in your office or any place of work. Inhaling second-hand smoke can cause cancer and a multitude of other illnesses. The best way to keep everybody protected is too make the entire area a smoke-free environment.

  • When it comes to visiting facilities, make sure they are smoke-free.

  • Support smoke-free establishments, and inform managers of how pleased you are for their concern to their customers and employees. Nowadays, there are a lot of restaurants and establishments that are smoke-free.

  • In the case that you are in the same place as a smoker and there is no way you could keep them from doing their deadly habit, just ascertain that you stay as far away from them as you possibly could.

  • Should your spouse or any of your relatives smoke, tell them to do it outside. Better yet, encourage them to kick the habit all together. Quit smoking.

Resource Box: Maricel Modesto is a writer and editor who writes for various health and lifestyle magazines.

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