Thursday, March 25, 2010

What It's Like to Be a Hypochondriac

Getting sick due to a cold or flu hardly fazes anyone anymore. However, when the sickness becomes frequent, it can't be helped that others would be alarmed. Besides the possibilities that the concerned individual could just be feigning sickness or is really suffering from a particularly debilitating disease, another plausibility most of us overlook is hypochondria.

For some, hypochondria is a possibility after having experienced the demise of a loved one due to illness. Likewise, the same anxiety grips persons who are nearing the specific age whereby a loved one has passed away prematurely because of the same reason. Despite having a healthy disposition, anyone who has gone through the aforementioned experiences could become anxious over a particular disease that caused a loved one's death. They may suffer from panic attacks and mull over the idea that they're also troubled by the same symptoms.

Usually, majority of illnesses beleaguering hypochondriacs are nowhere near as serious as they thought. However, from their vantage point, it's magnified greatly. Though the physical aches and symptoms they're griping about could be real, the causes they associate these with aren't. Often, these arise from their elevated stress level resulting from their anxiousness about having the condition in the first place.

Contributed By: Maris Modesto

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