Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Prospect Of Depressing Sex

Most grouping equal stimulate with pleasure, happiness, or at least base, physical enjoyment. What the average mortal does not mentally associate stimulate with is depression. However, there are whatever grouping that actually mentally associate stimulate with any number of negative factors. Everything from discomfort to boredom to pain can be cited, and in whatever cases, it can actually leave a mortal feeling lethargic and depressed for a long period afterwards. It isn't meet the elderly – who tend to be stereotyped as existence too old for stimulate – who have this problem, as there are numerous grouping in their younger years that are known to experience discomfort or depression at the prospect of stimulate or afterwards.

People with this difficulty sometimes have conditions that attain stimulate an state that only cannot be enjoyed, but there are also those who have clean bills of health, in both the physical and mental fields. This difficulty is meet as likely to manifest among the well-adjusted and hard-working grouping as it is in those who are mentally unstable and psychologically imbalanced. It isn't a lack of friends, kinsfolk or personal support structure, either. It can be quite tempting to assume that this difficulty with stimulate only stems from issues towards the partner or to stimulate in general, but extended analysis might expose that this is not the case. There are meet whatever grouping that are incapable of finding pleasure in sexual intercourse.

There are cases of grouping – usually women – who experience pure episodes of depression that last for several hours after intercourse. These cases have null added wrong with them physically, and their psychiatric profiles are as connatural as one could get aside from the problem. While it is true that grouping can sometimes feel quite sad after intercourse, this is not thoughtful an adequate explanation for the pure depression and dysphoria that the above cases feel, as it is significantly more tumultuous and goes beyond the simple feeling most experience. The answer to this question, however, is still thoughtful to be up to speculation.

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