Sunday, January 18, 2009

How Green Tea Helps in Weight Loss

Weight loss is an issue a lot of people deal with nowadays. With the obesity rates continuously climbing, it's not wonder weight loss products like Xenical and other fad diets are in fashion. People choose to go with medications or improperly diet to help them get rid of excess fat in their system, taking for granted that there are natural means to lose weight.

Aside from constant exercise and properly balancing one's food consumption, beverages like green tea can assist in your goals to lower your weight to an ideal figure. Here are some of the benefits green tea offers to those who wish to lose weight:

Green tea is a natural fat burner. It contains high levels of catechin polyphenols that work alongside other body chemicals to increase the process of beta oxidation by simulating it. It is during beta oxidation that fat is broken down and converted into energy.

Green tea helps in the slow and steady release of carbohydrates in the system. By stimulating a gradual and even release of carbohydrates, you avoid having your blood-insulin level go through the roof. With a healthy blood-insulin level in check, you promote better fat metabolism.

Green tea has an extended metabolic boost compared to pure caffeine. Green tea's thermogenic effect was originally attributed to its caffeine content. But further studies showed that green tea stimulates more brown fat thermogenesis than pure caffeine. Certain components of catechin polyphenols work alongside caffeine to improve the fat burn. Also, green tea has an extended 24-hour extended fat oxidation effect as opposed to pure caffeine that only boosts metabolism at the time that you take it.

Green tea still has a lot to offer in terms of helping you reach your goals of losing weight, so why not give it a shot? If you could take the time off to exercise or plan your meals ahead of time, how hard could it be to include green tea in your weight loss plan? It's delicious, it's refreshing, and most of all, it's an effective weight loss drink.

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