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Free Yourself From The Hassles of PMS – The Safer Way

Many women and adolescent girls suffer from cramps, lower back pain, and bloating every month during their menstrual period. However, there are also those who experience premenstrual syndrome or PMS, wherein some women and young girls feel varying degrees of discomfort before their periods. Aside from physical pain, there are those who also feel depressed and anxious that somehow affect their everyday activities at home, work, or school.

While there are still no studies that can determine the factors that can trigger PMS, this is often associated with the hormonal level changes that take place during the menstruation cycle of every woman. Health experts claim that PMS is not caused by psychological factors or stress, but these can, however, worsen PMS symptoms.

Treating PMS

Fortunately for women who suffer from PMS, there is a way for them to avoid the hassles PMS brings. Generally, doctors often prescribe medicines that can help the body get rid of extra fluid and sodium, thus, preventing breast pain, back pain, abdominal pain, bloating, as well as weight gain. As for psychological symptoms of PMS, doctors commonly prescribe antidepressants for depression, anxiety, as well as irritability that usually come with PMS.

Moreover, women suffering from PMS can also resort to a healthier and simpler diet as well as lifestyle changes. As for a healthier diet, women should start eating more carbohydrates such as cereals, whole grain breads, and pasta and foods that are rich in protein, fiber, and potassium. They can also try to avoid eating too much fat and sugar as well as cut back on alcohol and caffeine intake.

Alternative treatments to PMS

Sometimes it is best to avoid taking medications over PMS pain, for your body may adapt to the medicines you intake. Hence, most doctors recommended alternative pain relief treatments instead to those who suffer from PMS pain.

One alternative option to treat PMS is to eat healthy and breathe fresh air. These simple steps can definitely lead to a healthy and well-balanced body, thus, lessening a woman's chances in experiencing PMS symptoms. Some health practitioners also advise women suffering from PMS to try practicing breathing exercises, aromatherapy, yoga, as well as meditation. These exercises are known to lessen one's stress and promote relaxation. Also, it might be best to set aside personal time for a vacation to unwind and focus on life factors that can truly revive one's spirit.

Furthermore, women who frequently suffer from PMS may also opt to try using primrose oil, which is a plant oil that has gamma-linolenic fatty acid. This fatty acid is known to regulate inflammation and pain in the body. There are also other natural remedies used for PMS such as vitamin E, ginkgo, wild yam, progesterone cream, and St. John's Wort.

With these alternative treatments expounded, women who frequently suffer from PMS can try these no-medication methods of alleviating and preventing PMS symptoms. Not only are these alternative treatments effective, but these are also safer and quite easy to do.

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